Submission Bondage Erotic Female Nude Art Sculptures and Bodycasts, by Leigh Heppell (UK). The Ultimate site for serious Collectors of Erotica Plan

The most original Submission Bondage Erotic Sculptures of Women. Well worth a visit!

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Leigh Heppell Human Skull in Chrome or Clear
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Submission Erotic Bondage Sculpture by Leigh Heppell
Submission has been lovingly created by hand by Leigh Heppell. Each one is an individual Limited Edition. Complete with signed certificate

Submission - The piece features a detailed neck collar, wrist cuffs, all chained together.
The chain runs from her neck, between her legs, to her hands, then onto the neck collar.

This is Stage 1 <Click here for Stage 2> or < Completion >

Here, Leigh has roughed out the piece in clay.

Click on the links below to see this piece through to final Bronze Casting.

Click on an image below to see an enlargement.
 Bondage Erotic Female Nude Bondage Sculptures and Bodycasts, by Leigh Heppell (UK). The Ultimate site for serious Collectors of Erotica
"Submission" by leigh heppell - Size: 8.5" (22cm) High
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The piece is signed by leigh heppell and is supplied with a certificate of authenticity

An edition of 200 castin
Submission Erotic Bondage Sculpture Art by Heppell
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